E&L Clam House has a wide network of local and global suppliers of clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, and more. What we can't source locally, we import overnight. Please see our wholesale pricing menu to see our full selection.  It is a wide and very fresh selection of shell fish. 

Fresh Locally-Caught Selections

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Preserving the seas for future generations:

In our 18 years of business, we have steadily vetted and confirmed that our partner suppliers use only sustainable methods to harvest their seafood. Our oceans are a precious and limited resource, and at E & L Clam House we are doing our part to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the same bounty that we do now. So order from us with confidence that your seafood will be fresh and cultivated with care. 

Maine Lobster - 10,000 Gallon live tank

Ocean Stewardship

Wholesale Seafood Supplier

We receive locally-caught Grouper, Snapper, Sword Fish and more every day!  We instantly ship it back out to you to serve to your customers the next day. Also, every night we fly in seafood selections that cannot be had locally.  From Ahi Tuna, Halibut to Chilean Sea Bass, you name it, we can get it!

Wholesale Company: Seafood - Fresh Fish in Punta Gorda

E&L Clam House in Punta Gorda delivers fresh Maine Lobster daily from our 10,000 gallon live tank to restaurants and businesses through Charlotte County and beyond. Guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality, we also extend excellent pricing to our clients.